Organizational Design and Cyber Strategy

Executives cannot control hackers, but they can plan for them.

Our expertise, your Success

Summers & Company is an organizational design and cyber strategy consulting firm that provides exceptional scholar-practitioner expertise to the world's business leaders when they want sustainable results.  We are passionate about providing value to our clients, our people, and our communities.

Our firm is comprised solely of highly experienced advisors with top notch doctoral degrees.  Whether you need a solution to an immediate or long term problem, or a research partner focused on best practices, we provide a unique combination of the best and brightest.

Organizational Design

Our Organizational Design practice takes a design thinking approach combined with analytical rigor and deep experience to strengthen our clients for short-term success and long-term sustainability.

Cyber Strategy

Our Cyber Strategy practice assists clients with designing and implementing comprehensive strategies and capabilities that reveal and mitigate risks before they destroy your reputation and bottom line.


Our Healthcare practice, driven by leading healthcare executives, is dedicated to the delivery of better care, improving physician and patient quality of life, and overall outcomes.